Video Interviews through Our Community Forum


Several conference speakers and other visitors to the campus have been interviewed by Irish Studies Director Tim Madigan on the Our Community Forum show produced by the Fisher Department of Media and Communication.


The shows can be viewed on demand through the video streaming website associated with Cardinal Television. A summary of topics and links to the streaming video are below.

(Click on the title to launch the video.)

Our Community Forum: Ed O'Shea

Interview with SUNY Oswego emeritus professor Edward O'Shea, who gave a talk at St. John Fisher in November 2019 about the work of poet Seamus Heaney. O'Shea was a Fulbright Scholar in Ireland earlier in 2019.

Our Community Forum: Maureen Murphy

An interview with Hofstra University emirita professor Dr. Maureen Murphy, who visited the Fisher campus and presented a talk about work to help young women emigrating from Ireland to New York City.

Our Community Forum: Bosco Hogan

An interview with Irish actor Bosco Hogan, best known for playing Cardinal John Fisher on the Showtime series The Tudors, who visited Fisher for two days of lectures and performances.

Our Community Forum: Margo Backus

An interview with Margot Gayle Backus, a scholar from the University of Houston who was keynote speaker for a meeting of the American Conference on Irish Studies held at St. John Fisher.

Our Community Forum: Christine Kinealy

An interview with Dr. Christine Kinealy, a historian and professor at Drew University in New Jersey and expert on the Great Irish Famine of the mid-19th century.

Our Community Forum: Judge Rick Dollinger

An Interview with the Honorable Richard Dollinger. Judge Dollinger is a member of the Colonel Patrick O’Rorke Society and is involved in a campaign to get O’Rorke a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroics at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Our Community Forum: Rev. Bill Shaw

An Interview with Reverend Bill Shaw, Director of the 174 Trust, Belfast, Northern Ireland, concerning building peace and reconciliation in a divided society.

Our Community Forum: Ann Coughlan
An Interview with Ann Coughlan, Ph.D. Candidate, University College Cork, Ireland, concerning the Irish Influence on Frederick Douglass.






Tim Madigan interviews Ed O'Shea of SUNY Oswego when he came to Fisher for a talk in November 2019.